Kirlian Photography or Aura Aphotography

Kirlian Camera - Aura Camera - Chakra

Diseases management solutions Dr. J M Shah

Vishwa Gujarati Samaj Honours and Maharashtra Gujarati Samaj Mahamandal Award 2014

Interview Dr. J M Shah

News Channel TV 9 Dr. J M Shah

Aura Case Study Dr. J M Shah

Aura Case Study Dr. J M Shah

Introducing Bio-Well Camera or GDV CAMERA and GDV Electrophotonic Technique

Gujarati Gourav Dr. J M Shah an alternative therapist has introduced GDV Camera first time in India

Look at the features of the Chakras View in the Bio-Well GDV Camera. Pre and Post treatment of Healing or Pre and Post treatment report of Chakra Balancing through Bio-Well GDV Camera.

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