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On medical assistance provided by doctor of alternative medicine J. M Shah (INDIA, BOMBAY)  to a group of cardiological patients.

The method used by Dr. J.M Shah comes to naturopathy & incorporates the method of biolocation and mineral action on exposed diagnostic zones.

The clinical effect was tested by Dr. L. M. Kukui, the head of infarction department, Doctor of medical sciences, Cardiologist of higher category, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Protection of vitality.  Effect of medical action was objectified by gas-discharge visualisation (the Kirlian effect), conducted under the guidance of K.G. Korotkov from the institute of Precision mechanics & optics (St.Petersburg). The work was carried out as part of an International project.  The method of treatment used by Dr. J. Shah is known in India as the demonstration of the Gemstone Therapy.

The joint work with Mr. Shah was carried out with permission from management of the hospital base of the healthcare committee of Mary, St. Petersburg and Chief physician of the Pokrovskaya hospital, Mr. V. P. Pavlova.

In the treatment 13 cardiac patients with concurrent multi-organ pathology were selected.  Clinical evaluation , ECG data, blood test and the Krilian effect were mainly considered in assessing the therapy effect.

1. Patient E.M. Bogolayev. 61 yrs., and b No. 6524. Diagnosis : Infectious endocarditis of acute nature.  Ischemic disease of the heart.  Hypertonic disease of the 2nd stage.  Cardiac failure of PA stage.  Ciliary arrhythmia.

ECG before treatment : Auricle fibrillation, normosystologic form, signs of hypertrophy in both ventricles.  Diffusive changes in myocardia.
ECG after treatment : signs of diffuse changes of coronarogenic origin reduced.

Blood analysis before treatment  : NV -114, Er-3.7, L-4, P-4, S-60, E-2, L-30, M-4,
Blood analysis after treatment : NV-131, Er-4.2, L-7.1, P-4, S-54, E-5, L-28, M-8,
Full clinical effect was achieved in the context of complex treatment.

2. Patient Ryabinin A. I., 51 yrs., 1.b.No.6626. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease, stenocardia funct. class IV. Postinfarctive cardiosclerosis (myocardial infarcts in 1991, 1994, 1995). Hypertonic disease II. Concurrent : Ulcer disease of the duodenum.
Complications : SNP, Cardiac asthma. Chronic aneurysm of posterior wall of left ventricle.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-143, Er-4.7, L-7.4, P-1, S-52, L-37, M-9, SOE-2
Blood analysis after treatment : Hv-149, Er-4.8, L-5.8, P-3, S-45, E-4, L-39, M-9, SOE-3
Full clinical effect was obtained  in complex treatment.

3. Patient Melnikova E. S., 84 yrs, 1.b.5938. Diagnosis : Ischemic disease of the heart. Acute repeat infarct of the heart muscle (myocardium) on 13.6.98. Postinfarctive
cardiosclerosis (myocardial infarcts on 1992, 1993). Hypertonic disease II. Concurrent : Chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, after-effects of craniocerebral trauma.
Complications : SNP. Paroxysmal ciliary arrhythmia.

Electrocardiogram before treatment : Sinus rhythm, paroxysms of auricle fibrillation, blockage of frontal and upper branches, hypertrophy of the left ventricle, scar changes in front wall section, extrasystolia.

Electrocardiogram after treatment : paroxysms of ciliary arrhythmia were absent, number of extrasystoles reduced.
Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-142, Er-4.2, L-4.8, P-2, S-51, E-3, B-2, L-34, M-8, SOE-9
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-130, Er-4.4, L-5.6, P-4, S-54, E-2, B-0, L-32, M-3, SOE-9
Inspite of conducting therapy, full clinical effect was not obtained.

4. Patient Savina T. R., 63 yrs 1. b.6768. Diagnosis : Ischemic disease of heart. Stenocardia II-III f.cl. Hypertonic disease II. Concurrent : Chronic bronchitis with bronchospastic component. Condition after mastectomy (1990) Chronic thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities. Asiderotic anemia.
Complications : Cardiac and pulmonary failure stage II. Recurrent thromboembolia of the small branches of the pulmonary artery. Pustules of compound asthma.

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, signs of size increase in both ventricle diffuse changes in the myocardium.
ECG after treatment : no essential changes.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-114, Er-3.5, L-6.9, P-2, S-64, E-1, B-4, L-22 M-7, SOE-51.
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-125, Er-3.9, L-6.4, P-5, S-66, E-2, B-0, L-24, M-3, SOE-49.
Due to after-effects of thromboembolia incomplete clinical effect was obtained.

5. Patient Efimova, 74yrs, 1.b.No.6149. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. Postinfarctive cardiosclerosis (infarct of myocardium in 1987, 1988).
Hypertonic disease II. Concurrent : minor ulcer of duodenum bulb, chronic atrophic gastritis. Complications : cardiac failure II.

ECG before treatment : sinus bradycardia, left ventricle hypertrophy, transitent t-wave inversion in thoracic branches.
ECG after treatment : no changes somewhat larger t-wave inversion in the region of the posterior wall of the left ventricle.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-116, Er-3.6, L-5.1, P-1, S-46, E-3, B-0, L-42, M-8, SOE-10.
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-118, Er-3.8, L-7.1, P-5, S-49, E-5, B-0, L-32, M-9, SOE-11.
Condition was not stabilised after pain attack following the first day of treatment.

6. Patient A. P. Vishneva, 72 yrs., 1.b. No.6712. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease II stage hypertonic disease. Concurrent : rheumatism, mitral valve defect chronic gastritis, astheno-neurotic syndrome. Complications : heart failure II stage, left auricle thrombus, ciliary arrhythmia.

ECG before treatment : auricle fibrillation, tachysystolia, areas of latent A-B...................., left ventricle hypertrophy, coronary failure in the posterolateral wall and apex.
ECG after treatment : somewhat  reduced signs of subendocardial damage in the apex.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-102, Er-3.4, L-4.6, P-2, S-79, E-2, B-0, L-12, M- , SOE-10.
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-113, Er-3.6, L- , P-1, S-72, E-3, B-0, L-18, M-6,
Sufficiently distinct, but not complete clinical effect.

7. Patient Rutchina N.V., 80 yrs, 1.b..7226. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. Progressive stenocardia. Hypertonic disease of the II stage. Concurrent : cerebral arteriosclerosis, II stage diabetes. Condition after resection of blind intestine due to cancer (1994), chronic thrombophlebitis of veins in the lower extremities. Complications : cardiac failure II, A-U blockage I stage, cerebral crisis.

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, A-B blockage of I degree, coronary blood circulation failure in the anterior lateral wall.
ECG after treatment : no essential dynamic changes

Blood analysis before treatment :  Nv-128, Er-4.4, L-5.1, P-3, S-49, E-1, B-0, L-40, M-10, SOE-10
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-131, Er-4.4, L-7.6, P-4, S-51, E-3, B-0, L-32, M-10, SOE-5.
No complete clinical effect.

8. Patient E. E. Altukhova, 70 yrs, 1.b.7220. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. Unstable stenocardia. Hypertonic disease II stage. Concurrent : mixed origin bronchial asthma, diabetes II stage. Condition following cholecystectomy (1998). Complications : pulmonary and cardiac failure II stage

ECG before treatment : left ventricle hypertrophy, sinus rhythm. blockage of front upper branches of the left stalk of the G1s bundle II stage. Signs of coronary circulation failure II stage.
ECG after treatment : no essential changes.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-135, Er-4.4, L-4.7, P-1, S-60, E-10, L-36, M-3, SOE-15
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-136, Er-4.6, L-5, 7, P-1, S-37, E-10, L-45, M-5,
Results of treatment showed incomplete clinical effect due to bronchospastic syndrome.

9. Patient T. P. Alexandrova, 50 yrs, 1.b.7431. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. Disease of the minor vessels (X-syndrome). Myocardial distrophy. Concurrent : Condition on following resection of thyroid gland (1975). Acute stomach ulcers in duodenum. Astheno-neurotic syndrome.

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, t-wave inversion in thoracic outlets.
ECG after treatment : no essential or dynamic changes.

Blood analysis before treatment :Nv-126, Er-3.7, L-5.8, P-1, S-46, E-0, L-49, M-3, SOE-8
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-124, Er-4.1, L-5.6, P-1, S-46, E-2, L-43, M-8,
Results of the treatment : incomplete clinical effect due to ulcer disease.

10. Patient D. D. Kedrov, 63 yrs., 1.b.7092. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. Postinfarctive cardiosclerosis (myocardial infarct in 1994). Condition following aorta and coronary shunting (1996). Hypertonic disease II stage . Concurrent : gall stone disease, chronic pyelonephritis, adenoma of the prostate gland. Complications : cardiac failure II stage. hypertonic crisis on admission.

ECG before treatment : sinus bradycardia, left ventricle and auricle hypertrophy, traces of transferred anterior and posterior myocardial infarcts.
ECG after treatment : no essential dynamics.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-130, Er-4.3, L-6.5, P-1, S-39, E-6, B-0, L-36, M-18, SOE-8
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-146, Er-4.8, L-6.4, P-6, S-39, E-3, B-0, L-39, M-13, SOE-8.
Results of treatment : Full clinical effect.

11. Patient Trubinkova, 73 yrs, 1.b.7435. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease, progressive stenocardia, hypertonic disease of II stage. Concurrent disease chronic disorder of cerebral circulation, nodulose goitre, chronic pancreatitis. Complications : heart failure II stage., paroxysmal ciliary arrhythmia

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, hypertonic of left ventricle, coronary circulation failure.
ECG after treatment : no essential dynamic changes.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-116, Er-3.6, L-6, P-1, S-51, E-1, B-0, L-42, M-5, SOE-10
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-129, Er-4.2, L-5.7, P-5, S-55, E- , B-0, L-30, M-10, SOE-10.
Results of treatment : sufficiently complete clinical effect.

12. Patient E.S. Marasnova., 59 yrs, 1.b.6706. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease, unstable stenocardia, postinfarctive cardiosclerosis (infarct of myocardium in 1987 and 1994)., Hypertonic disease II stage. Concurrent : osteochondrosis of vertebral column, trigerr syndrome, astheno-depressive condition. Complications : Cardiac failure II stage, chronic aneurysm or the left ventricle.

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, cicatrizant (scar) changes in the anteriolateral and posterior wall of the left ventricle.
ECG after treatment : no essential dynamic changes.

Blood analysis before treatmebt : Nv-126, Er-4.0, L-6.6, P-2, S-61, E-0, B-0, L-32, M-5, SOE-26.
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-135, Er-4.5, L-6.4, P-4, S-57, E-1, B-0, L-29, M-6, SOE-32
Results of treatment : incomplete clinical effect.

13. Patient A.S. Semashko, 63 yrs, 1.b.6792. Diagnosis : Ischemic heart disease. hypertonic disease of II stage. Concurrent diseases : condition following cholecystectomy (1997). Results of acute disorder of cerebral circulation (1998). Complications : cardiac failure 1-II. Somatogenic neurosis. Encephalopathy.

ECG before treatment : sinus rhythm, anterio-venticular block, stage I. local Intraventricular block, auricular extrasystoles.
ECG after treatment : No essential dynamics.

Blood analysis before treatment : Nv-119, Er-3.9, L-4.9, P-2, S-42, E-3, B-2, L-39, M-12, SOE-4
Blood analysis after treatment : Nv-123, Er-4.1, L-7.2, P-1, S-46, E-0, B-1, L-45, M-7, SOE-6.

Results of the treatment : Sufficiently complete clinical effect.

A general conclusion can be briefly made that :

1. Clinical effect was obtained in a majority of patients treated over a period of 7 days. This comprises of 11 persons from the 13 accepted for treatment.

2. However, full clinical effect was obtained only in 6 persons. This was mainly the purely cardiological group of patients.

3. Incomplete clinical effect was obtained in 5 persons and in 2 cases the curative effect was absent. This was associated with patients having multiorgan pathology as well as gereontological group of patients.

4. Undoubtedly the Doctor J.M.Shah’s method of naturotherapy may be used in other naturotherapy methods widely practised in St. Petersburg Russian Institute of prophylactic (preventive) medicine and Valeogy, which on 22-24 June 1998 held the National congress on nature therapy.

Head of dept.

Pokrovskaya Hospital Petersburg
Dr.Ded. Sc, cardiologist of higher category
Academician of International Academy of ecology &
protection of vitality and academy of
informatization St. Petersburg engg. academy,

member of St. Petersburg union of scientists



Signature       (L. M. Kukui)


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