Negative Energy

What is Negative Energy of earth?

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Under the surface of the earth there are veins of water. This is what we drill into to produce a well. These bodies of water are constantly flowing. As the water flows against underground rock, it creates friction, and friction creates electricity. This causes a vein or field of energy which comes up through the earth, possibly through your house and potentially through your bedroom.

Effects of Negative Energy

Common effects of negative energy in or around a house may include: poor sleeping habits, poor health (cancer, tuberculosis, kidney problems etc.) and slow healing (especially after surgery). Although negative energy fields affect everyone, those who are most affected include young children, anyone who is sick or injured, and older people.

Dowsing can detect Negative Energy and it can be cleared by healing.

Natural Negative Energy of earth

Natural negative energies can be disruptive. If you have pets, you may have noticed there are places where they will consistently curl up, and other places where they will not stay long, even if you invite them there. There may be places where you, yourself do not feel comfortable. If these energies are anywhere near where you sleep, you will have difficulty getting proper rest.

Examples of Negative Energy

A child was moved from its crib to a bed and did not sleep well. After dowsing and healing the negative energy the child is now sleeping quietly in her new bed. A person who has a degenerative long-term disease returned from seeing a specialist in Europe. One of the things on the list of suggestions provided by the doctor was "Have your house checked by a trained dowser." The house had multiple veins of negative energy under it. After the house was dowsed and rectified, this client felt much better and is sleeping a lot more soundly

Negative Earth Radiation

It has been scientifically proved that the influence of negative Earth radiation on the human organismcan block most medical treatments.

Healing Negative Energy

Chinese practitioners of Feng Shui have been aware of these negative energies for over four thousand years and ensured that houses were never built in these areas. Many practitioners of associated holistic healing disciplines and their patients have informed themselves on the validity of this subject. Royal Rife, a powerhouse cancer researcher, delved into this subject deeply during his life. The mainstream medical community in Europe is aware of the negative effects on health from geopathic zones. The best European Cancer Clinics avoid placing patients in geopathic stress zones.

Bio-Well Camera Can detect Negative Energy

A powerful tool that provides you with a wealth of rich data to help identify areas to tend to as you work towards personal coherence Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative – affect your energy state.


Negative Energy

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