The ‘Biowell Camera’ that tells about your energy level:

The mirror to your health

Do not ignore it thinking it is an unbelievable thing. It is an ages old trick of measuring health and staying away from falling ill. This instrument is very popular in Russia and now, being in use in major Indian cities since 25 years, this technique is not far away from us anymore. We can become our own doctor and preserve our healthiness in good condition for years by knowing math of our energy level by using services of the Biowell camera in Andheri, Mumbai.

What is Biowell camera? What is its usage? What are its benefits? Any side effects it creates? Do we need any education to know or let other know energy level? Whether it is true? Where it is available? Many such questions might have come to your mind, right? Come on, we move ahead and come out of confusion to improve our general knowledge.

This Biowell camera is a simple way to know energy level and aura of our body with the help of computer technology. It is a way to know physical illness and psychic weakness. Also, it makes simple to know the negativity and positivity, and to know benefits and losses of ornaments we wear. It is necessary to get treated when we fall ill but by using this camera, we can get a fair idea of an illness which may come in future and affect some part of our body. By knowing the entire body’s energy level, through putting fingertips on its lenses to know energy level of the body as well as history of chakras or invisible wheels, we do not get any side effects. It only leaves positive effect and helps us assure future healthiness. Anyone can use this camera and one does not need any particular degree for that. A rich can also buy it for his/her personal use. While tarot card reader, astrologer, Reiki master, a person having knowledge of aura healing or crystal healing, or a person running yoga centre, and even a physically challenged person are involved in this profession. Commercial, professional persons are using it to open their independent centers. Women with marketing acumen are using it so that business can be generated in their personal circle. Large unisex beauty skin clinics are also adapting it to attract customers. In Udaipur and Jodhpur, the testing done by Biowell camera is proving to be a major attraction for foreign tourists. In short, one does not need and important document or huge fund to open a Biowell camera centre or to buy it. The camera is low-weight one, portable and one needs only a laptop with it. Helping to earn big with small investment, this Biowell camera is like a wonder for healthiness.

Dr. J. M . Shah, who is renowned in Russia and in Andheri as well, is an important anchor to buy a Biowell camera and also to know more about it. For more details, you can contact him on 9821055216

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