Full body diagnosis by Bio-Well Camera

With the help of Bio-well Camera it is possible to make full body diagnosis within half an hour.

By normal allopathic method we have to go for many many tests like blood test, X-ray, cardiogram, MRI, and CT scan.

It is therefore possible to save time as well as money by first going for diagnosis by bio-well camera and then get confirmation by normal Allopathic medical tests.

We have sophisticated office to welcome foreign patients and our service is also comparable to foreign hospitality.


Get a holistic view of your wellbeing today.

Diagnosis of Diseases in Modern Times through Bio-Well Camera Aura Photography.

Bio-Well is ground-breaking, innovative, non-intrusive ways to measure the human energy field. Bio-Well revolutionary Instrument to reveal energy fields of Human and Nature.

Prediction of Health Problems

How many bodies humans have? One, you may say and it may sound unusual to ask someone such a silly question about the body. Though, frankly speaking, this question is not unusual but has substance. The sun, for example, is one but, rings full of heat around it are incalculable. Likewise we humans carry just one visible body but beneath that, we also have another, invisible body. Did you know that? Or rather, do you

Let us explain. Will you accept that sometimes, we feel plain happy or sad just because of the mere presence of a person? We know you’d agree to this. That also gives approval to a belief that every human body has an aura around it. So, the question arises next is: What benefit this invisible body has? What difference does it make if we know it, or don’t know it well? 

Take an example of Surekha, a healthy woman. Once she got an opportunity to have a glance at the bio-well camera. It happened in an exhibition in the USA. The ambience was very joyful and all were excited to know new things. Surekha too got her invisible body photographed there. Bio-well camera takes an image of our unseen body or aura. It is called coronal discharge. Once this image was taken, experts at the stall quickly processed it and prepared a report for her. Surekha asked with sheer curiosity, “Now, what this report is saying?”

An expert said, “All is well. I feel glad to see you hale and hearty. Just this one spot, if you can see, it indicates that you need to take care of your teeth. If you feel pain there…”

“Oh really? I can’t believe that you have foreseen future of my teeth by just looking at this image.” Surekha left the venue soon and returned to India. But what happened after some six to eight months? Her teeth started giving troubles! It was only when she began treatment she recalled all of a sudden, “Gosh! That expert in the exhibition had said this after I went for Kirlian photography of myself.” 

That’s the point. Doesn’t aroma of food reach us when under preparation? Our invisible body acts something like this. We realize its strength, weakness, goodness and badness when they become evident. But these features or peculiarities start flowing out of us through this invisible body, or aura, long before that. We can prepare ourselves better to fight back with physical issues if we know what’s coming before it happens. Kirlian photography or an image by bio-well camera helps to uncover the hidden and gives us an opportunity to be healthy and to look after our health better.

This amazing peace of mind and health can be yours by welcoming bio-well camera and Kirlian photography in your life.

We have two bodies one is visible physical body and other is invisible auric body. Healthy auric body gives a glow on the face. This is our aura. We have seven major chakras in our body. They continuously spin and give us energy. These chakra becomes weak respective organ becomes unhealthy.

Each moment our aura changes depending upon our emotions. Positive thoughts and good habits keep our chakras spinning properly maintaining good health of our physical body. Diseases entering our physical body enter six to eight months in advance in our auric body. By aura photography we can know our future diseases.

In America 150 institution are working on aura photography. This is a new technology under alternative medicine. At present medical institutions and governments are not accepting it but in due course they will also accept.

Diagnosis by our present system by allopathic medicine can tell us about our present diseases only. Aura photograph can tell us about our future diseases also. Suppose we get indication of heart disease, by aura photography, we should change our diet and lifestyle to control blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure to avoid heart disease. Blood reports at regular interval can help us to safeguard our health .

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