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Gemstones contain life force. This life force is the divine energy that sustains, nourishes, and enlivens all living things.

Precious Gemstones have auric vibrational rates, which can be used for treatment of major diseases like HEART or Brain problems.

Gemstone therapy is not a new-fangled notion. There is evidence to show that the healing properties of gemstones were recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and in the Vedic period in India. Archaeologists have found evidence of systematic mining of gemstones in Egypt over 7000 years ago as well as in the Oxus Valley in Afghanistan.

The energies from crystals and gemstones react from our aura of energy, amplifying our energy to produce quicker manifestations. To learn to use crystals is fairly easy as long as you have patience and an open mind.

If you've never felt the energy of a crystal, try these simple exercises with several stones, if you relax and experiment with different stones, results will follow.
Hold a crystal in your hand until the body heat warms it, relax and you will feel a tingle from the crystal. Warm the crystal and place it on your third eye chakra (a very sensitive area). Its very common to feel a slight pressure or even a slight pain, don't worry about it, its just your bodys attempt to get used to the energy.

Energy is the composition of the elements of nature as vibrational rays and wavelengths. When gemstone therapy is utilized, the gems pick up and transmit a specific wavelength to the body. The body in turn transforms these rays into chemicals and elemental particles it can use to better function both on the physical and emotional levels.

The gems are incredible repositories of their cosmic powers and their force is always positive. However, care must be taken that the correct gemstones are worn. Gems should be recommended by a qualified vedic astrologer, tantric, or ayurvedic practitioner as their effects are powerful and can cause detriment if incorrectly applied.
Crystals and gems can be used in many ways. They can be placed throughout the home, on your headboard of your bed, worn on the body in jewelry or in a medicine bag, and they can be used in tools.

In the same way as medicines cure a disease by cumulative vibrational qualities, gemstones can counteract afflictions caused by the negative planetary effects.

As many diseases are caused through our body or mind's imbalances, Gemstone therapy can be of enormous benefit to treat diseases. Gemstones of specific vibratory rate are placed on predetermined energy blocks on the body to clear the energy blocks which takes about few days. After the energy blocks are cleared, the disease is cured in a weeks time. If necessary, the treatment is repeated once again after few days to get complete cure.

Many Heart and Brain Patients have received very good results in India. Initial clinical trials were done in 1997 in Russia under supervision of Russian cardiologist.

Aura Bio-Well Camera Very Useful to Energy Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Gemstone Therapist


Testing Subjects Using a Bio-Well BioClip

To test subjects using BioClip, please do as follows:

1.] Insert the Calibration Unit (titanium cylinder) into the Bio-Well thumb-hole and place Bio-Well on the plastic stand used for calibration.

2.] Connect the BioClip cable to the Calibration Unit (similar to Sputnik).

3.] Have the Subject place hand through the strap so it rests on the wrist with the
electrode touching the skin (fig.1). Subject should be sitting or laying down with arm in a calm, rested position.

4.] Within the Bio-Well software, choose BioClip mode to take dynamic measurements.

The resulting dynamic curve characterizes the process of a person’s response to the environment and possible responses to external stimuli (electromagnetic fields, different devices and human intention). It may be used to test a person’s response to different stimuli such as food, gemstones or medications, which must be held in either hand.

BioClip mode is not designed for evaluation of health quality. This is not medical test and results cannot be used for medical diagnostics or selecting appropriate medications. Results of the test may serve as indications only.

Example: Response of a person to an ultrasound sensor positioned on the back.

Example: Response of a person undergoing 20 minutes of leach therapy.

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