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One Day Banta went to his family Doctor with bag full of money and told him to carry out all the tests to find out if he has any disease.
Doctor Carried out Blood test for diabetes, cholesterol and Uric Acid, ECG for Heart, Sonography for the health of Kidney and Gall Bladder, Citi Scan for checking Cancer, X-ray for T.B. and MRI for Brain to check the possibility of Blood Clot.
Doctor then told Banta to come next day for reports.
Banta went to Doctor next day. Doctor was very happy to convey to him that he has no diseases whatsoever. Banta thanked him for this news.

Out of Curiosity Banta asked the Doctor that how long I will remain Healthy.
He was shocked to know from the Doctor that these reports are not valid today. These Reports tell you about your yesterday's health.

Doctor then told Banta if he wants to know his health today he should carry out the tests again. The reports will be available next day. So you will not be able to know about your health at any current time.

This is the story of the today's Medical Science.

No Doctor can tell us about our current Health and never about our future health.

However Russian technology has arrived in India.

Future Diseases and current deceases can be known within one hour by Aura Photography.
Kirlian Camera of Russia takes Aura Photograph and tells us about our present disease as well as the future diseases.

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