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Dr.  Jashvant  shah's an alternative therapist has introduced Kirlian camera first time in India which predicts the disease 6 to 8 months before they appear in the physical body.
Dr. Jashvant M. Shah has brought this technology in India in 2002 and since then ,he is continuously working for the well being of humanity, and for that he has conducted many seminars, workshops though out Maharashtra and Gujarat.
With 21 years of experience in alternative medicines and aura photography. Dr. Jashvant Shah  has become the most prominent face who has brought this technology in India. He has done his specialization in curing heart disease , and also a PHD holder from the university of Colombo in alternative medicines. He is also the  world record holder in Limca book.
At the age of 78  he has a goal to keep this society free from dangerous disease which is creating a breakage in the development of nation. His passion is to make kirlian camera available for every human around the country.


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