Clinical Study in Russia

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This Report is on Medical Assistance provided by Doctor of Alternative medicine Jasu Shah (Bombay, India) to a group of Cardiological Patients. The method used by Shah is of Naturopathy & incorporates the method of actions on exposed diagnostic zones.

he clinical effect was tested by Dr L. M. Kukui, the head of Infarction Department, Doctor of medical sciences, cardiologist of higher category, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Protection of vitality. Effect of medical action was objectified by Gas-Discharge Visualisation (The Kirlian effect) conducted under the guidance of K. G. Korotkov from the Institute of precision mechanics & optics (St. Petersberg). The work was carried out as a part of an International Project. The method of treatment used by Shah is known in India as the demonstration of the Gemstone Therapy.

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The joint work with Shah was carried out with permission from management of the hospital base of the Health Care Committee of Mary, St.Petersberg and Chief physician of the Pokrovskaya hospital, V.P. Pavlova.

In the treatment 13 cardiac patients with concurrent multi organ pathology were selected. Clinical evaluation, ECG data, Blood test and Kirlian effect were mainly considered in assessing the therapy effect.

Significant post-treatment improvements were noted in the ECG, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels of patients within 7 days.

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Sufficiently complete Clinical effects were obtained in majority of patients treated over a period of 7 days. This comprises of 11 persons from the 13 accepted for treatment.

Undoubtedly, SHAH's method of Naturotherapy may be used with other methods.

Clinical Study in Russia


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