Auras is Human Energy Field

What is Aura ?

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Our make-up is not only of skin, bone, muscles and chemical processes. Instead, we are made up of an intricate web of interconnecting energies that interface with the world around us. The anatomy of these subtle energetic systems has been described as the Aura, Chakras and energy channels.

It is the electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Everyone has one, yet it can't be seen by the naked eye. It has the same shape as that of the physical body extending beyond the surface of the skin by 4 to 5 inches in most people.

The human energy field is composed of several levels, or layers, often referred to as "energy bodies." The dense physical body is the outermost level, or layer. The etheric body, which is the next level, is a duplicate of the physical, and is composed of less dense matter. After that, are the astral (emotional), the mental (causal), and several additional layers of subtle energy bodies.

If you're feeling spacey, confused or have difficulty focusing, aura balancing will help you to feel more centered and grounded, and will enable you to function more effectively. If you're stressed or sick, rebalancing the aura through various hands-on healing techniques (such as Therapeutic Touch or Reiki) calms the nervous system and facilitates recovery from illness.

The computer-imaging technology used by Aura Energy Consulting is to the human energy field what the microscope is to bacteria…it reveals a hidden world. our aura is a color fingerprint of who you are: body, emotions, mind and spirit.

The colors of our aura have their own meaning and affect us in different ways. What our aura shows us right now are the issues that require our immediate attention. One consultation with a trained Aura Energy counselor can pinpoint the root causes of your issues and offer beneficial solutions.

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