‘Bio-well camera’ means a mirror on the finger tips that unravels the mystery of the ascending and descending ladder of energy level.

Yes! A mirror that indicates the level of energy of our body. In today’s era it is difficult to understand the funda of diet and life-styles. There was purity in the life-styles and diet of elderly predecessors which has been lost now. People who are addicts of junk food keep away from diet that is of old traditions or are using it less due to which there is excessive development of body but the foundation of good health remains weak. In such a situation it is common to control the obesity of the body by Yoga, exercises, Gym-diet plan, Lypolysis treatment for the body. The individual does everything to ward off bad influence, colored stones jewelry and many colored threads do everything when one falls sick or during an ailment or whenever weakness prevails but they do not particularly think that precautions need to be taken prior for the onset of such sicknesses at an young age unexpectedly. It is impossible for the current generation to alter diet permanently and it is a hard fact to have treatment after health is put at risk and to increase fear within the family. The modern technique of Bio-well camera that remains life time friendly is very useful and helpful for all, prior to the health being put at risk and without any compromise with diet in order to maintain the health of the body.
We can become our own doctor with this portable Bio-well camera that shows the energy level of the body. The chief reason for physical pain is also mental situation. By knowing the movement of the main centers of our body by the space circle a rough map is created to know as to which organ of the body will need to suffer pain in the near future or by a low estimate that is received we cautious and save ourselves by falling into pitfalls of minor and large sickness. With reference to our horoscope; by knowing whether it is advisable or not  to wear stone in some part of the body and as to which stones are harmful but upon wearing it can be known through the camera as to how much these are positively beneficial. In short, even stones that give negative and positive energy also drive us into well of harm. The camera system is such a technology which discloses mystery of health and will fit well immediately in the minds of the new generation. Since this has been prevalent since years in Russia and India development has also taken place from the view point of profession in people.
Many scholars of astrology, Tarot cards and such learned scholars as Reiki masters also give guidance with accuracy by making use of this method. These days sicknesses like kidney, cancer spread like wild fire. Scientists and team of senior doctors are attempting to control such sickness by continuous research. It is necessary for us to take a responsible decision ourselves that such a sickness does not occur even though doctor and patient are trying to come out from the sickness.
It is necessary to know the percentage of your health so that sickness does not knock at your door and Bio-well camera will show the mirror of your health. Russia and Andheri famous Dr. J. M. Shah is important slogan raiser for purchasing and learning the Bio-well camera. For more details you can contact him on +91 9821055216.

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